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Sexual Addiction: If you're addicted to sex

A Sexual Addiction is an addiction which include excessive and compulsive masturbation, watching too much porn and an excessive desire for sex central. The sex addict suffers and experiences here under the Sexual Addiction as undesirable. Scientists differ in the definition of a Sexual Addiction. The treatment of the sex addict has different principles.

The DSM-IV, the handbook for mental disorder in the Western world, speaks only of paraphilia (ie, impairment in relation to an unusual object of desire sexsueel). This is the dominant vision sexsuele abnormalities. However, there is a class of people with sexual deviation, that a disturbance in sexual self-regulation. One has no control over their own sexual desire and behavior. This often leads to a slippage in the frequency of sexual behavior and desire. Here the often negative sexsualiteit polite. The person also has the feeling the behavior and desire no longer to hand. This leads to excessive and compulsive masturbation, too much porn watching compulsive promiscuity and excessive desire for sex within a relationship. In such cases, there is also talk of a Sexual Addiction.

When one speaks of a Sexual Addiction?
Carnes speaks of a sexsverslaving when an unhealthy relationship with an object or situation prefers a healthy relationship with others. He sees a Sexual Addiction as a disease with a number of specific features:

* We have no control over sex
* They use sex to relieve pain and reduce stress

Cole Mann is defining the different sex addict, because "the sex addict is obsessively concerned with certain patterns of sexual behavior and experiences are negative consequences". Despite these negative consequences turn on the sex addict's behavior, however, continued, although he tries in vain to change.

Kafka sees the Sexual Addiction as a form of an impulse control disorder. It may give the urge or impulse to a particular act which is harmful to the person and / or environment to perform not resist. Kafka speaks of a Sexual Addiction when at least seven orgasms per week for at least six months. The person must be 15 years or older. This occurs in approximately 3 to 8% of the population.

Conduct Sexual Addiction
Among other Carnes and Coleman argue that a sex addiction is any way we can deal with negative emotions. The Sexual Addiction works like a sort of coping mechanism. They argue that the deviant sexual behavior over time is more intense or frequent. Carnes even distinguishes three phases in the Sexual Addiction:

1. Masturbate, hotter sex and gay sexual relationships, pornography and visits from prostitutes
2. Exhibitionism, voyeurism and Phone
3. Sexual abuse of children, incest and rape

Coleman and his colleagues argue that there is no fixed procedure of a Sexual Addiction is.

Sexual Addiction Treatment
Sexual Addiction and the condition can exist for years they are looking for help. Sexual Addiction in the treatment of several possibilities exist. There is a twelve step program of Carnes comparable to the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. A more psychotherapeutic approach emphasizes learning to cope with or avoid negative emotions that lead to compulsive sexual behavior. In addition, one learns the so-called triggers that precede the decline recognize this deal. Sometimes the treatment is supported with medication. Until now prove particularly suitable lithium carbonate and naltrexone.

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